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Founded by Professor Takeo Yokobori in 1965, the International Congress on Fracture (ICF) is today the main international conference on mechanics and mechanisms of fracture, fatigue and strength of solids and applications in engineering, geophysics, and medicine. First held in Sendai, Japan in 1965 and at four-year intervals since then, ICF has provided an international forum for highlighting individual and national accomplishments in the general fields of fracture mechanics, material strength and structural integrity. The conference has been held at venues around the world: Sendai (1965, Japan), Brighton (1969, UK), Munich (1973, Germany), Waterloo (1977, Canada), Cannes (1981, France), New Delhi (1985, India), Houston (1989, USA), Kiev (1993, Ukraine), Sydney (1997, Australia), Honolulu (2001, Japan/USA), Turin (2005, Italy), Ottawa (2009, Canada), Beijing (2014, China), Rhodes (2017, Greece) and Atlanta (2023, USA).

A series of InterQuadrennial Conferences on Fracture has been held in different continents including Asia, Europe, Australia, North America and Africa. Egypt will host its 2nd InterQuadrennial ICF Conference in 2024. Egyptian researchers have earned a strong reputation in international circles and continue to make substantial contributions to the field of mechanics and mechanisms of fracture. As in most countries, the research effort in Egypt is undertaken at the universities, research institutions and private sector levels. Current research activity in universities, research institutions and private sector covers the whole spectrum of fracture and fatigue.

The aim of this InterQuadrennial Conference of ICF in Africa and Middle East (IQCAME-ICF) is the continuation of successful series of InterQuadrennial Conferences that have been held around the world. The IQCAME-ICF is aimed to bring together researchers and engineers to review and discuss advances in the development of methods and approaches on Processing, Performance and Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials, by the leading international experts in the field. This ICF InterQuadrennial Conference in Africa and Middle East will promote experience exchange and provides a forum for researchers and engineers of the host nation to present their accomplishments and to develop new ideas at the highest level. International Conferences have an important role to play in the technology transfer process, especially in terms of the relationships to be established between the participants and the informal exchange of ideas that this ICF offers. The presence of the InterQuadrennial ICF in Africa and Middle East offers an opportunity that must be taken.

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