Manuscript Guidelines

Manuscript Structure

Each Manuscript should have the following structure and order. Title of the Manuscript: It should be written in capitals; UPPERCASE (Times New Roman 14 pt, boldface) centered on one or more lines. Names of the Authors: Leaving two blank lines after the title of the Manuscript, the names of the authors are written (Times New Roman 12 pt, boldface) centered on a line, last names in capitals, separated by commas.


It is written following a blank line after the names of the authors including city and country, centered on a line (Times New Roman 12 pt).


A short description of the study in approximately 300 words (Times New Roman 12 pt) is given following the affiliation and leaving two blank lines.


Keywords related with the study must be given in minimum number (maximum six words) and separated by commas (Times New Roman 12 pt).

Main Text:

The general writing rules are given in Section 2.


If applicable, the name of the supporting institution or person may be cited. Type the word "Acknowledgment" as a sub-heading (without any section number) followed by the text.


Literature references should be listed at the end of the paper in the same order in which they appear in the text and in accordance with the examples given at the end of this instruction (Times New Roman 12 pt). Type the word "REFERENCES" as the major heading (without any section number). The reference numbers in the text should be given in brackets [ ].


All additional information not included in the main text is given under this heading. Type the word "APPENDIX" as the major heading (without any section number) followed by the text.

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