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It is our great pleasure to extend you a cordial invitation to participate in the 2nd InterQuadrennial ICF (IQ-ICF) Conference in Africa and Middle East on “Processing, Performance and Failure Analysis of Engineering Materials” to be held in Luxor, Egypt, November 18-21, 2024. This IQ-ICF Conference is organized jointly by the Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI)-Egypt, Egyptian Society for Laser Industrial Applications (ESLIA) and the I C on F (ICF)-Greece. IQ-ICF-2024 in Africa and Middle East will focus on basic and applied research in the field of Materials Properties & Performance, Biomaterials/Biomechanics, Polymer & Composites, Claddings, Coatings & Surface Modification, Reinforced Concrete, Component Manufacturing (Forgings, Castings, …..), Joining, Welding, Weld Repair, Weld Performance, Advanced Manufacturing (Additive, Powder Metallurgy, .....), Laser Materials Processing, Environmental Degradation (Oxidation, Corrosion, …..), SCC & Hydrogen Embrittlement, Non-Destructive Inspection, Failure Analysis and Trouble Shooting, Creep, Fatigue, & Corrosion-Fatigue Damage, Structural Reliability Analysis, Fracture Mechanics/Dynamics, Preventive Maintenance of Plants Equipment, Modelling & Computer Programs with the objective of improving the safety and performance of engineering structures and components. Participants of IQ-ICF-2024 in Africa and Middle East will have the opportunity to interact with a rich blend of leading experts and industrialists from Africa, Middle East as well as outstanding world leaders in the field of Materials, Manufacturing, Failure Analysis and Trouble Shooting of Industrial Equipment.IQ-ICF-2024 will be a forum of university, research institutions, industry and government interaction and exchange of ideas in an area of utmost scientific and technological importance.

We are sure that besides the superb technical program, you will enjoy the historical city of Luxor that is the most well-known recognized City in Upper (Southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate, known famously for its oldest and most Ancient Egyptian sites. Originally called 'Thebes'; the capital of Ancient Egypt. Today, Luxor is known as the 'World's Greatest Open-Air Museum', home to an incomparable number of Egypt's Most Famous Temples, Tombs and Monuments. Amongst its highlights are the 3400-year-old L Temple and the Karnak Temple Complex; the necropolises of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, and the massive stone statues known as the Colossi of Menmon. As a small city, visitors can get around Luxor as easily by taxi as by horse-drawn carriage, which is a true tourist pleasure,

Welcome to Luxor city that is not only Fantastic Tourist City but also Wonderful Winter Resort. IQ-ICF-2024 will be an unforgettable event from the scientific, technical, social and entertainment points of view. Moreover, a visit to other nearby historical sites such as Aswan will let you enjoy the city from where the stones used to build Pyramids, Obelisks and Pharaonic Temples came. During your stay in Egypt, you will certainly get the message that many technological developments we enjoy today cannot be understood in isolation of the wonderful civilization, once flourished on this land several thousand years ago.

IQ-ICF-Egypt 2024 Organizing Board
E. Gdoutos, I. Ghayad, B. Zaghloul, A. El-Batahgy

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